Around the world in food

It’s no secret that TB and I like to go out to eat. We have really been trying to rein it in (for our wallets and our waistlines) but sometimes… it just happens. TB has been gearing up to go out of town to Cooperstown, New York and eating at home just didn’t really take place. The good thing, though, was that we basically traveled the globe with our food this week:

Tuesday we had lunch at our place, Izumi, in Woodstock. We split a chicken hibachi meal, a drunken tiger roll, and another roll that was fantastic.

Tuesday dinner was at our favorite Mexican restaurant (okay I’m starting to realize we really like what we like), Las Palmas. We took his sister out to Mexican for lunch recently and I discovered the amazingness that is chile rellenos. OHHHH my gosh I am obsessed. I am now ordering anything and everything with pablano peppers included in the meal. I need to learn how to make these:

chile relleno

Chile Rellenos

Chile Rellenos

Wednesday we went a little off our usual beaten path for Nik’s. The actual establishment was… interesting but the food was OUT.OF.CONTROL. Like,  I could eat that lunch every day of my life and be very very happy (and very very fat). The sauce is what makes this meal especially fantastic. I wish I was eating this right now.

niks greek

Wednesday night we had family dinner night with TB’s mom and sister. TB’s family makes these amazing Ukranian meatballs/meat patties they call “snetzies”, but I haven’t been able to find anything under that name on the internet. The closest thing we found are called sichenyky, which I guess could end up being called snetzies. They were really yummy! They basically tasted like big ole meatballs, which I loved. 

Thursday was our last dinner together for 4 days, so we wanted it to be special. 🙂 We kinda sorta recreated our first date by going to Ippolitos. Hang out with me long enough and you’ll realize how much I love this place (I’ve blogged about Ipps before) and I always get the same thing. A special caught my eye though, and I ended up falling in love with this lobster ravioli dish. HELLO chipotle cream sauce and shrimp on top. I really don’t think I could have asked for a more fantastic meal with my best friend.

ipps lobster ravSo there ya go. I’m not sure what other international foods we could have tried to squeeze in. What a fantastic week… 5 days left until I go back to work. 😦




About a month ago, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that TB was talking to me. I asked him what he had said and he was like, “ummmm… nothing. But I was thinking about waking you up to ask you something.” “Okay, what?” “What are we doing on July 16th?”

Of course I had no idea what we were doing on July 16th, and said it seemed like a safe bet that we were not doing anything so… TB bought us tickets to a comedy show for that night.

(That was a dumb story. Sorry.)

Anyway, it was finally July 16th, so after TB was done working, we headed up 75 to Chattanooga. I lived in Dalton when I was a kid, and we went to Chattanooga frequently, but I only ever remember going to the mall or the aquarium. Chattanooga has really developed into what I view as a “big city” and it was cool to get to experience it as a grown up.

US chatt

We hit up Urban Stack around 4 PM and decided to hit the bar while we waited for our friends. Urban Stack came highly recommended to us by several people, so we knew we had to try it! The atmosphere was really urban and cool, especially for an old town like Chattanooga. I loved the metal touches and the interesting menu options.

bacon drink chatt

The bar had some cool cocktails to choose from. TB wanted something made with bacon (don’t ask me why) and it was… unique. He has stolen my phrase that it tasted like campfire wood because it was SO smokey. Also, the bacon garnish was rather interesting in that it didn’t seem like regular bacon at all. It was more jerky like and really smokey, just like the drink. Yes, I ate a chunk of it because one of us had to and sometimes I have to take one for team.

my drink chatt


My cocktail was a special one that isn’t always on the menu and it was delicious! It was a whiskey drink with some kind of sweet fruit-mixer and it tasted like summer. It was perfect!

beer flight chatt


TB also tried a local beer flight and he loved it!  The bartenders there were also really nice, knowledgable, and attentive. The drinks were a little pricey (about $10 each) but they were specialty cocktails made with really nice liquor, so I would say it was worth it.

pimento dip chatt

We split some of the hot pimento dip as an appetizer at the bar and it was so good. If you ever go to Urban Stack, GET THIS.

Dinner for everyone was burgers (that’s pretty much all they have) and they were pretty good. Not the best OMG most amazing burgers I’d ever had, but good. The buns were fantastic and from a local bakery, which I thought was awesome.

comedy catch chatt

After dinner, we headed to… a slightly different part of town and hit up the Comedy Catch for our evening entertainment, AKA the whole reason we drove 100 miles out of town. The show was funny (I was especially impressed by the opening act), but the venue left a little to be desired. First of all, it was crowded. Like… really crowded. I’m a super claustrophobic person, but I know a space is small and over-filled when TB is complaining that he is feeling claustrophobic. There wasn’t room for us to put our legs and we were sitting in strangers laps, practically. It was awkward. The other patrons were definitely… interesting, but I know the venue has no control over that (or maybe it does and we should’ve guessed.  I dunno.)

My other issue with the venue was that I felt pressure to order food and drinks and tip my waitress (who was non-existent all evening) because they kept telling me to. There were SO many ads for upcoming events (fliers, signs, announcements, tv commercials playing) and announcements about ordering food and drinks and not using your phone and making sure to generously tip your waitress. It all just came off a bit tacky to me. If a venue is doing a great job… people will do those things. People will come back for more shows. You don’t have to bully me into it.

I actually loved the opening act, though, and would go back to see him. Is that weird?

Overall, our trip was a wonderful adventure and we had a nice heart to heart on our drive home. I guess it’s good to have those with your significant other from time to time 😉


I don’t know how you do what you do

Wowza. What an incredible weekend… I wish I had the words to express all the various emotions I went through this weekend, but I’d really rather just show you some pictures.

IMG_4685 IMG_4686 IMG_4688 IMG_4690 IMG_4693 IMG_4695 IMG_4696 IMG_4719 IMG_4697 IMG_4715 IMG_4714 IMG_4699 IMG_4700 IMG_4712 IMG_4704 IMG_4707

My life lately has been an absolute whirlwind and an absolute blessing at the same time. I couldn’t be luckier to be with someone who makes me so happy.

Also, a huge congratulations to all of my close friends who have gotten engaged in the last two weeks. So much love is in the air and I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!

Fitting the stereotype

So, if you’ve read my “About Me“, you may have seen that I’m an ESFJ. That, according to the Myers Briggs personality test, means I’m extroverted, sensing, feeling, and judging. Today I stumbled upon these two pictures that I think summarize me pretty well…


Now I’ve got you in my space, I won’t let go of you.

Another exciting weekend has come and gone… I’m really starting to struggle with the fact that I only have 4.5 weeks of summer left. There is still so much fun to be had! 😦

We decided to keep it pretty low key this weekend, compared to our usual routine of running all over the state and doing 100 things.


Friday morning started with some yoga in Kennesaw because I really need to start doing more healthy things. (On my to do list for tomorrow is going to the gym and eating vegetables. Right-o)

shoes 1

TB had to work all day so I brought home PubSubs (redemption from last week. That’s probably a great blog post to write another day) and then left TB home to work while I shop shop shopped. Don’t worry, I ended up buying both of these. 🙂

We were supposed to go to a G-Braves game (SPORTS COUPLE OVER HERE!) Friday night we ate some delicious Mexican food with TB’s roommate and his lady friend. There may or may not have been margaritas involved and we may or may not have ended up at a club called Cowboys. We wobbled the night away.

mmorning coffee

Saturday morning started with my first cup of coffee since Wednesday… I really needed to cut back there for a bit but I figured one teensy weensy cup wouldn’t kill me. 😉 I went to CVS then cleaned up the kitchen and ended up bringing the coffee back to bed with me. I really really love the accomplished feeling of getting things done on a Saturday morning.

yard work

When soooomeone finally got up, we had lots of grown up errands to do. We had to go get a wedding gift for a wedding next weekend… all my high school girls are getting engaged. Ah. Then we did yard work. If he ever doubted how much I liked him, he should know I do based on the fact that I freaking did yard work with him. The doggies thought they were helping, but they ended up going inside while the grown ups mowed and sprayed.

ripken murphy

Today, I’ve basically laid around and done nothing in a classic Lindsey fashion. I had Sunday pancakes and church and watched some video games before Murph Dawg and I headed home to our dungeon house to do nothing for the rest of the day.

I’m hoping this week flies by… can’t wait to celebrate the fourth on Friday and Caroline’s wedding on Saturday!

Every song ever written by Dashboard Confessional

So, I’m sitting here, on my couch with Murphy tonight and I just realized I don’t know what to do with myself.

Alone? For a night? And I am bored? Who am I?

I got mad at myself as soon as I realized this. Then I decided the internet needed to know about it. What would I do with myself previously? Probably watch tv or call my friends. Oh wait… Already did that. Okay… Go meet up with someone. I don’t have any local friends anymore and I don’t have the energy to socialize. Okay… It’s after ten, go to bed. I took an hour and a half nap this afternoon so I’m not tired. I guess I’ll take a shower then read tucker max.


And I Saw Pictures in My Head

Thoughts from a Sunday night:

  • I’m having a total love affair with Matt Nathanson right now. TB likes to listen to loud, crazy music, so… when I’m alone it’s acoustic city (What Jason would call my “emo music”. haha)

IMG_4603 IMG_4607

  • There is something so absolutely magical about experiencing fireworks with little kids. I’m so old and grumpy that I forget how sweet and amazed they are by something like that. It was precious.


  • Our “no sports weekend” turned kind of sports-y, but I was okay with it. It’s still weird to enjoy someone else’s happiness so much (weird in a good way)

IMG_4620 IMG_4621

  • Sweet presents from TB today. Running shorts and hot pink? I honestly couldn’t be more smitten.
  • Taking a 3 year old to his first baseball game = magic


  • This pasta salad recipe was amazing. Make it!!!! I would blog about it but we all know how to make pasta salad and I would hate to insult your intelligence.


  • Watching someone totally in their element is so special. I’m honored to be along for the ride.


  • USA soccer. Just leaving that one there. Mic drop.

High five for Friday, we meet again :)

HAPPY FRIDAY people 🙂 here we go:

1. Thursday was actually my Friday and THANK GOODNESS. This lady needs a day off to get some stuff done. It’s not that I’m working every second necessarily… It’s just that I feel like I am being pulled in a lot of directions each day and the vast majority of my free time is being spent… Elsewhere. Oops!

2. Speaking of work… It’s interesting to actually GO into work during the summer. My classroom is bare bones but we are making it work! We are even ahead of the ball game over here and have stuff copied for sneak peek… (Ugh and awesome at the same time, ya know?)


3. I’m excited to collide my worlds tomorrow. I’m having my man friend meet my brother and sister in law. And their three kids. And my SIL’s friends. And their three kids. I’m nervous but excited! At least we’ll be at a baseball game so TB will be happy no matter what 🙂


4. While we’re talking about baseball… I met a pretty cool guy named Chipper Jones this week :). He was sitting up in club last weekend and we were lucky enough to meet him. He signed a ball for me, which the boy put in a case with a coordinating signed card. He’s so sweet.


5. We took our sweet boys hiking kennesaw mountain this week. Let me tell you, you will get a good workout in! I may or may not have complained a lot until it was time for the descent…



enjoy your weekend!!